Tampo printing is the most versatile of all component printing processes, able to apply a finely detailed image onto any surface profile.

Our inks are formulated for optimum adhesion and durability on most materials and surface coatings, and colours can be matched to internationally-recognised systems such as Pantone® and RAL.

Our large format tampo printing machines use larger clich├ę plates than are commonly used by the subcontract tampo printing industry, and can accommodate bulkier components. They also allow the use of larger printing pads, thus minimising image distortion when printing onto accentuated contours.

Our multicolour tampo printing machines enable us to print up to five colours in a single pass, with precise colour registration guaranteed.

Our Digital Flatbed printers are able to cover a print area up to 420 x 300mm and we can accommodate products up to 300mm in height.

Our extensive warehousing facilities mean that we can store large batches of parts until required and we also offer an assembly and packing service.